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13 Foto Binatang yang Menakjubkan Karya Heidi & Hans-Juergen Koch

Heidi and Hans-Juergen Koch:

1. In nature, red-eyed frog inhabit the middle and upper tiers of the trees, perfectly camouflaged among the leaves. Main color - green, sides and base feet - dark blue with a yellow pattern, fingers - orange. But the most important decoration - bright, like a burning inside the red eyes, thanks to which frog and got its name. (© H. & H.-J. Koch)

2. Cerastes. This snake inhabits the entire Sahara desert and adjacent foothills and the dry savanna, and the Arabian Peninsula. Happy snake buries itself in sand or hides in burrows of rodents, and at nightfall goes hunting for small rodents and birds. (© H. & H.-J. Koch)

3. Butterfly on daisies, wiggles his whiskers, using them as a direction finder. (© H. & H.-J. Koch)

4. An interesting fact about snails: Do snails, about 25 thousand teeth. They are located not in the ranks, and in the form of "float" through which they grind food. (© H. & H.-J. Koch)

5. Pelican - the character of many tales and legends. For Muslims, it is considered a sacred bird - the legend pelican wore a neck pouch stones for the construction of shrines in Mecca. In European heraldry pelican, feeding their children ", is a symbol of selfless parental love: it was believed that it breaks its own beak, breast and feeds the hungry chicks with blood. (© H. & H.-J. Koch)

6. Laboratory white rat, derived from the barn, or pasyuka - one of the most common inhabitants living corners and vivarium. From its wild ancestor, the majority of white rats is different to the gentle calm people like. Among these animals come across instances that are just looking for human society and a favorable environment are fascinating pets. (© H. & H.-J. Koch)

7. Although tarantula venom is deadly to some animals, for human life, he is no danger. Bite occurring in southern Russia Mizgir or South Russian tarantula on pain reminds hornet sting and causes swelling. The blood contains the antidote to the tarantula secret of his poisonous glands, so during the bout two tarantulas, death is unlikely, although it can cause loss of blood. (© H. & H.-J. Koch)

8. Decorated slingshot. Dug and camouflaged in a suitable location, they spend hours and days waiting patiently until no mining will be nearby. Then the earth seemed to explode, the frog makes a short, but dash is simply amazing for such a heavy and clumsy appearance of the animal, opened its huge mouth, almost with a third of the size of a slingshot ... That's all caught prey. Massive and very large jaw slingshot extremely strong. Even for a person to relax the jaws of a problem this frog. So break out production is usually not possible. (© H. & H.-J. Koch)

9. Regular house cat named Natasha Kay West, Florida. (© H. & H.-J. Koch)

10. It looks supplier of raw materials for your knitted sweaters - angora. My name is animal received from the city of Angora. In the manufacturing of yarn, from which is camlet, is only the longest hair, which, when double annual haircut turns out not more than 1.36 kg. (© H. & H.-J. Koch)

11. All the great number of domestic hamster comes from a small group of animals from the desert near the Syrian city of Aleppo, who fell into captivity in England in 1930. During this time, natural golden color of skin is the most diverse. Established and fluffy form, called angora. The absence of tail, friendliness and curiosity, coupled with cleanliness brought these little animals in popularity. The front paws of hamsters resemble children's hands. Characterized by large cheek pouches. (© H. & H.-J. Koch)

12. After passing through the hands bee pollen is obnozhkoy, that is, pollen that the bees have collected and processed their enzymes. Pollen (bee obnozhka) - this is the second volume of consumption and the first most important food of bees. Bees are making great efforts to take on pollen - this invaluable and vital to their food raw. (© H. & H.-J. Koch)

13. Newborn elephant seals are covered with thick black fur, which is at the age of 1-2 months, replaced by the silver-gray. Subcutaneous fat layer is developed very strongly. Thus, adult male length 4,06 m had a mass of 1,980 kg, with the proportion of subcutaneous fat accounted for one third of the total mass, the share of meat - the fifth part. The average yield of fat with a seal 420 kg. Such a strong animal obesity clearly visible during its movement over land: trunk seal shakes like jelly mass. (© H. & H.-J. Koch)

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Since nearly two decades the independent husband-and-wife photographer team Heidi & Hans-Jürgen Koch has created an extraordinary body of work. Their photographs and features are published worldwide in various media. The clients include - STERN - GEO - LE FIGARO MAGAZINE - PARIS MATCH - LIFE - THE INDEPENDENT MAGAZINE - NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC - FOCUS - SUNDAY TIMES - among others. The work of Heidi & Hans-Jürgen was awarded by World Press Photo, Art Directors Club of Germany and Europe, Lead Award, BBC Wildlife Photographer of the Year Awards, Fuji Euro Award, Hansel-Mieth-Award and the German Award for Science Photography.

Several times their photographs were presented at the Visa pour L'image Festival in Perpignan, France. 2004 they were appointed into the German Society of Photography (DGPh). The diversity of these honours is a proof of their professional passion. The couple was born in Giessen, Germany, the most grotesque town between Kassel and Frankfurt. After their studies and degrees at the University of Bielefeld in the middle of nowhere, they moved right away to Cuxhaven at the North Sea coast to get some fresh air. They got what they wanted. Windy years later, the Capitol City was calling. During this Berlin experience it was high time to look for the opposite. So, they currently make their home in Freiburg, the warmest location in Germany... ...and already get restless again.

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